Corporate and Financial PR

What we do

Financial Communications done very right


And yes, Corporate PR done very right.

Bracken is a corporate and financial communications firm based in Spain, as well as one of Spain’s top IR firms.

We help our clients' businesses grow by using PR techniques. When it comes to IR, we make sure we practice communications from the finest financial angle.

We guide companies that work hard to be proficient in their business and finances and help them interact with investors, customers and stakeholders. We have extensively worked with governments and public institutions and we help consumer clients boost their sales and corporate reputations.

We work within European markets and we do campaigns in the United States, China or the Middle East.

And we can prove all we say. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Our name is a tribute to Brendan Bracken, Winston Churchill’s Minister of Information, founder of The Banker and re-founder of the Financial Times.